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Mystery beats from the retro future. The world of everyone and their moms having a label these days makes sense. We all have friends, the internet, and something to share. The age of mystery is nearly completely gone at this point but every so often things slip through the cracks. Zap Francis is one of those that supposedly got away... until now. The mysterious Detroit producer, whom has yet to be unmasked, claims to be an old head that makes the right references that could very well back this statement up. Regardless of trying to get all True Detective with it, let's talk about the tunes. The EP is filled with tracks that sound like the bleak Detroit landscape that only they could produce. Part Hip Hop, part Techno, part retro, part future... sort of like Dabrye meets Jimmy Edgar meets Waajeed... Yeah lots of name drops but it is how people figure things out these days. A solid listen all the way through and so damn mysterious... WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!?!... oh it is Black Milk.

  • music label: Bleep LTD 2015
reviewed by Pizza Patrol 10/2015