ZZK Records Future Sounds of Buenos Aires 2LP

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ZZK Records, the purveyors of the burgeoning Argentine sound struck more global gold with their latest compilation full of Cumbia Digital, Reggaeton, and Electronic Dub. The album opens with a certified banger, 'Guacha' from Frikstailers, an upbeat Reggaeton / Moombahton hybrid with vocal chops, great synth work, and driving bass tones. More stand outs come from ZZK veteran Fauna with 'Hongo x Hongo' taking a more modern approach to traditional Cumbia. Super Guachin hits the 8-bit Cumbia style hard with 'Se Pixelo el Vinito'. The Future Sound Of Buenos Aires is now and we highly recommend it.

  • music label: ZZK Records 2012
reviewed by taco vato