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Using A Turntable With Sonos / REVISED

Using A Turntable With Sonos / REVISED

1.0 Can You Use A Turntable With Sonos?

Yes, all turntables will work with Sonos. You just need a Sonos component that allows you to physically plug in your turntable. Of the current line, these have the needed input:

  • FIVE →3.5mm 
  • PLAY:5 →3.5mm
  • AMP →RCA

2.0 Will I need a Phono Pre-Amp?

  1. Most new turntables have built-in preamps. There are some exceptions that do require a phono preamp, like higher priced audiophile turntables or vintage turntables..
  2. If it does have a built-in preamp, you can plug directly into a Sonos system. 
  3. TIP: If your turntable has a switch that says "LINE / PHONO", switch it to "LINE" to activate the built-in preamp.
  4. If your turntable DOES NOT have a built-in preamp, you will need to plug your turntable into a preamp, then into your Sonos system. Here is our selection of preamps.


connecting your turntable to a phono preamp (pictured: VP 29.TTL Phono Preamp)


3.0 Will I need additional cables or adaptors?

If you are connecting to FIVE or PLAY:5. You'll need a female Y-Cable. Otherwise, you can plug directly into RCA ports as show below:

Using Sonos Five with Turntable



Select SETTINGS ICON (the gear ⚙️) on bottom of the app. Select your SYSTEM.


Scroll down to LINE-IN.

  • For Source Name, select TURNTABLE.
  • For Source Level, we recommend setting to LEVEL 10 for louder experience.
  • For Audio Delay, we recommend MEDIUM, this eliminates that weird lag between when you put the needle on the record and when the sound plays.
  • For Autoplay, select your location, and activate the location. This lets your Sonos device recognize when a record is playing and it will automatically turn on (otherwise you’d have to repeat step 3.1 every time you play a record.


Not necessary at setup but under SOUND, explore EQ + Trueplay (this feature optimizes your sound to your room; it uses your mobile device’s mic to determine wall placement) to customize your sound.



My turntable is not spinning, even though it is plugged in and on. Make sure you installed the belt properly. Make sure you hit the power switch on the left side of the turntable.


The sound output is super quiet. If you're turntable has a built-in preamp, look for a switch on the back or bottom that reads "phono / line",  make sure it's switched to line. 


There’s a weird delay from when I put on the needle to when I hear my music. Make sure to set your Audio Delay settings to MEDIUM or LOW (see 4.2).


Sonos does not recognize when my turntable is playing. Under the MUSIC ICON, make sure that you have LINE IN selected. For your FIVE to automatically do this when your turntable is playing, go to Autoplay settings and turn it on that option (see 4.2).

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