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Other Chart

Other Chart

bestselling non-vinyl items at the Lab, updated every other wednesday.

  • 02

    We Are Rewind

    Portable Cassette Player w/ Bluetooth

    play + record, Bluetooth or 1/8" output, rechargeable battery, heavy duty all-metal casing, avail in (3) colors

    📌LAB POINTS modern portable cassette tape player + recorder designed in France 2-track stereo playback, output to wireless speakers/headphones via...

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  • 03


    Zerodust Stylus Cleaner

    ingenious stylus cleaner from Japan

    Onzow's famous Zerodust stylus cleaner, imported straight from Japan! This has been sort of a cult item for vinyl collectors and audiophiles in the...

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    Onzow Zerodust
  • 12

    Line Phono

    Magic Audio Brush for Records + Gear

    effectively clears dust from both audio gear + records; great for turntables, dustcovers, amps, Line Phono stands

    📌LAB POINTS ultra-effective brush designed to remove dust from both Audio Gear + Records in addition to vinyl, works great on dusty turntables, d...

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    Line Phono: Magic Audio Brush for Records + Gear
  • 13


    Bootsy Collins ReAction Figure

    3.75” articulated figurine of legendary Parliament Funkadelic bassist, includes miniature bass guitar 🎸

    "Don’t fake the funk! This 3.75” articulated Bootsy Collins ReAction Figure features the legendary bassist in his starry red & white jumpsuit a...

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  • 14

    Mobile Fidelity

    Archival Record Outer Sleeves

    high quality poly sleeves, can fit most gatefold jackets

    Archival-grade poly outer sleeves from Mobile Fidelity. These help keep your records (and jackets) in tip top shape, protecting them from wear, sc...

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  • 18


    Washi Paper Anti-Static Turntable Sheet

    traditional Japanese paper & stone core construction, reduces static, vibration + dust

    📌LAB POINTS static-reducing turntable sheet constructed from Washi, a traditional Japanese paper used for currency, stationary and interior fabric...

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    Teac: Washi Paper Turntable Sheet
  • 19

    Turntable Lab x WRWTFWW

    Jazz Hat

    traditional 6-panel w/ non-rigid body, custom embroidered logo, limited collab w/ WRWTFWW

    Turntable Lab exclusive traditional 6 panel baseball cap style (non-rigid body) with flat bill embroidered logo cotton canvas construction w/ adju...

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  • 20

    Turntable Lab

    Record Clamp Stabilizer

    adjustable tension design reduces unwanted vibration, great for belt-drive motors

    📌LAB POINTS stabilizer helps improve turntable sound quality by reducing unwanted vibrations and temporarily flattening play surface the tightenin...

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    Turntable Lab: Record Clamp Stabilizer Turntable Lab: Record Clamp Stabilizer
  • 22


    Anti-Static Record Brush

    our bestselling record brush

    Highly recommended anti-static brush removes dust without the use of cleaners (not to be used with liquid cleaners). This dry brush is made of over...

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    Audioquest: Anti-Static Record Brush Audioquest: Anti-Static Record Brush
  • 27


    Messenger LP Bag

    holds approx. 30x LPs, padded shoulder strap, water-resistant Cordura fabric

    main compartment holds approximately 30x 12-inch vinyl LPs additional front pocket for storing cables + accessories adjustable shoulder strap w/ s...

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    Selektor: Messenger LP Bag - Black Selektor: Messenger LP Bag - Black
  • 31

    Turntable Lab

    Viewers Nylon Hat

    non-rigid 6-panel nylon body w/ embroidered 2023 TTL graphica

    traditional 6 panel baseball cap style (non-rigid body) with flat bill embroidered logo nylon construction w/ adjustable canvas strap available in...

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  • 32


    DJ Record Bag - Black

    holds up to 50 LPs, 7"s + accessories, multiple carry options

    LAB POINTS classic DJ bag from Technics, comfortably holds up to 50 LP's + 7"s, accessories multiple carrying options - backpack straps, adjustabl...

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  • 33


    Madvillainy Cassette Stones Throw

    legendary Doom x Madlib collab on limited cassette

    Another essential cassette release from Stones Throw with a limited edition pressing of Madvillainy on tape! You already know what it is. Easily on...

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    Madvillain: Madvillainy Cassette (Cassette Store Day 2014) back Madvillain: Madvillainy Cassette (Cassette Store Day 2014)
  • 35


    Brush It Carbon Fiber Record Brush

    conductive design, soft fiber bristles for dry record cleaning

    📌LAB POINTS carbon fiber brush for dry vinyl record cleaning more than 1 million conductive soft carbon fibers, non-abrasive helps remove dust ...

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    Pro-Ject: Brush It Carbon Fiber Record Brush Pro-Ject: Brush It Carbon Fiber Record Brush
  • 40


    2M Blue MM Cartridge

    elliptical nude diamond stylus, highly recommended

    LAB POINTS industry standard mid-level audiophile cartridge nude elliptical diamond stylus for superior accuracy moving magnet design easy mountin...

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  • 43


    Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner

    cleans vinyl using sound waves + water, no fluid or chemicals, compact + quiet operation

    📌LAB POINTS quiet + compact Ultrasonic record cleaning machine uses 40 kHz sound waves through water to remove dust and contaminants from your rec...

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    HumminGuru: Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner HumminGuru: Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner
  • 44

    Turntable Lab

    LP Dividers for Vinyl Records

    record store-style dividers w/ blank tabs to organize your collection

    keeps your vinyl organized on the shelf or crate "record shop style" thick plastic construction, writable surface tabs works for front-forward or ...

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  • 45

    J Dilla

    Donuts Cassette Stones Throw

    Dilla's beat masterpiece on tape!

    It's the new! Stones Throw hooking it up in a major way with a limited edition cassette version of Donuts. J Dilla's final release and a certified ...

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    J. Dilla: Donuts Cassette (Cassette Store Day 2014) back J. Dilla: Donuts Cassette (Cassette Store Day 2014)
  • 46

    Turntable Lab

    45 Record Adaptor

    DJ-friendly conical shape allows records to slide on/off easily

    DJ-style adaptor with conical shape, makes it easier to quickly slide records on/off medium weight metal construction, high-quality anodized finis...

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    Turntable Lab: 45 Record Adaptor Turntable Lab: 45 Record Adaptor
  • 49


    Run The Jewels ReAction Figures

    3.75” articulated figurines, includes miniature machine gun, beer can + molotov cocktail accessories

    "Run The Jewels makes no apologies, using beats and rhymes as weapons against injustice! Super7 is proud to introduce the newest Run The Jewels ReA...

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    Super7: Run The Jewels ReAction Figures Super7: Run The Jewels ReAction Figures