Beatnuts The Beatnuts (Gatefold Reissue) Vinyl 2LP

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The 'Nuts eponymous debut album, now on gatefold double vinyl! Psycho Les and JuJu killed it with the jazzy, funky loop-based production on their self-titled full length (often referred to as "Street Level") back in '94. The creation of these beats is what really hits me most when I listen to the album now. Thick man... these guys have got some of the best loops around right here. Production values stay high throughout, while the lyrics stay gutter - strictly on some drinkin, smokin blunts, shootin people and f-in bitches type stuff. The difference between them and most though is that they actually make you laugh at the same time! Not only that, this is perfect layin' in the cut music - beats so smooth it doesn't even matter what they say. This thing got heavy, heavy rotation from me in the summer of '94, and there's lots of favorites on here. Props Over Here, Hit Me With That, Lick The Pussy, Let Off a Couple, Superbad, Get Funky, Ya Don't Stop, Are You Ready, etc. 17 tracks spread over two LPs.

  • music label: Relativity 1994 / 2012
reviewed by the mgmnt 08/2005