Benedek Test Pressing LP

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Benedek seems to be following his own path. He came to light a few years ago with a boogie 7" that featured a guest spot from Dam-Funk. While that release was a fine example of the modern funk sound that Dam champions, Test Pressing (or Untitled) is on a completely different journey. Benedek has ditched the Junos in favor of esoteric 80s FM synths and created a world of his own. Don't worry, there's still plenty of funk under the covers, but the textures and tones will take you back to a totally different place. It's smooth and crystalline, and perhaps a little new age-y, for all the right reasons. He's on some Jan Hammer Miami Vice while somehow managing to not sound cheesy. The fact that it's all instrumental gives it a vintage TV show soundtrack vibe. And the moods he conjures up fit within that theme as well. Perhaps it's all the sun rays in LA, or that Malibu ocean breeze, who knows? Whatever it is though, Benedek is on to something good. Recommended.

  • music label: Peoples Potential Unlimited 2013
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 01/2014