Benjamin Ball Flash A Flashlight (Reggae Disco Boogie) Vinyl 12"

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12" Vinyl $11.95
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Heat alert! Originally released in 1983, Benjamin Ball's "Flash A Flashlight" is a sure fire synth boogie bomb done up inna reggae stylee. It has all the elements to make a dancefloor go off - a killer bassline, punchy drums, slick synths, and a sweet reggae-skank that sets it apart from the rest. The track was a dance floor favorite in its native South Africa, but is a rare (and expensive) find on original 12". Thankfully Cultures Of Soul have hooked us up with a legit 12" repress, complete with two exclusive edits from Running Back co-founder Gerd Janson. Peep his vocal edit that cuts out the bridge, or the dub version that puts the focus solely on the groove. Of course the original version is included as well (which is the one I'll be playing). Comes in custom 12" disco sleeve. Recommended!

  • features original & exclusive 12" edits
  • officially licensed reissue
  • custom disco sleeve
  • music label: Cultures Of Soul Records 2016
reviewed by Aloo Pye 08/2016