Explosions In The Sky All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone Deluxe Edition Vinyl 2LP

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FEEDBACK – REVERB – CRESCENDO. "All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone" was Explosions In The Sky’s fifth studio album and fully supplanted them as masters of the “post-rock” sound. “It’s Natural To Be Afraid” is a perfect example of the adventures that EITS can take a listener on. Clocking in at over 13-minutes long, the band takes the listener on a journey of swelling tones that will take you up and down and back around again. It is highly recommended to just close your eyes and let them take you. “The Birth and Death Of The Day” treats us to the quintessential arc of an EITS song filling out every inch of space with carefully configured noise. This album finds them really hitting their stride and understanding of the push/pull, tension/release effect that makes their music so evocative. “It’s Natural To Be Afraid” sees the band get a little bit more moody than usual and “So Long, Lonesome” ends the album on a brief and haunting note.

  • gatefold sleeve includes printed inner sleeves
  • side D etched to resemble album artwork
  • free MP3 download
  • music label: Temporary Residence Limited 2007
reviewed by boumtje-boumtje 101414