KC Flightt Voices 12"

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"Voices" is one of the ultimate house classics, brought to us by KC Flight who is also responsible for the NY anthem "Let's Get Jazzy." "Voices" can be considered the original tribal house track- it's built upon primitive drumming and Indian chanting that would make anyone's hairs stand straight up. The track intensifies when the oh so famous chorus (originally sung by Sting) comes in. By this time the beat is mesmerizing you with the "dom, dom, dom, dom," all up in your face and KC doesn't stop until all you can think, sing, and breath is "Voices...Inside my head...Echoes...Things that you said." On the flip is "Cabana," a track that reminds us of when house was just house - simple and to the point. With a scatty vocal dub that stabs in and out of the track with a little piano riff, you just keep getting pulled deeper and deeper into this one.

  • music label: white label / 1994
reviewed by Nicole Otero 10/2005