Little Dragon Ritual Union Vinyl LP

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Sweden's finest export since Ikea. The Gothenburg group changed trajectory with Ritual Union, skyrocketing them into indie celebrities. Though their two previous albums featured their distinct flavor of electronic synth heavy pop it was this album that refined the process and truly gave them the voice they needed... speaking of voice, singer Yukimi Nagano's voice is intoxicating. Her vocal prowess shows the range of a jazz veteran and her application to the groups oft grooving backing is the perfect concoction of smooth, fun, and funky. The album is listenable over and over from beginning to end but if you need some track recommendations, check out the title cut 'Ritual Union', 'Please Turn', and 'Crystalfilm'. First time vinyl pressing since 2011.

  • Peacefrog Records
reviewed by Masta Klenz 9/2015