Melting Pot Music 45 Kings Limited Edition 5x7" Boxset

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7" Boxset $35.00
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Limited edition 45 box set from Melting Pot Music to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. On 45 Kings, the Cologne-based label hooks it up with 5 7"s - featuring five sides of out-of-print cuts plus five fresh, unreleased joints for a perfect balance of the past and future flavor. Lab favorite DJ Day kicks things off with the impeccable soul vibe of "Four Hills," while Suff Daddy gives us a dose of drunken hip hop beats with "Gnac." Plenty more to sink into here, with highlights including Miles Bonny's GSH tribute "Gil Scott Heron Lament," Breakout's jazzy cover of "Planet Rock," Dexter's heavy synth beat down "Moog Boy 4 Life," and the Hade remix TBRCK's "Droptop" for the forward side of things. Limited to 2000 copies, recommended.

  • music label: Melting Pot Music 2012
reviewed by Von Bee 02/2013