Outkast ATLiens Vinyl 2LP

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It's those catchy choruses that get you first. Outkast got a way of pulling you into their albums with these addictive hooks. You can't deny the nonsensical hypeness of the title track (oh yeayer!). Thats are easy. Same for the droning delivery of Millenium and Elevators. Then you start listening to whole sides because you're too lazy to flip the shit, and you discover the hidden soul joints that are ATLiens' foundation. They got those songs that make you want to smile and cry at the same time, and slow ones where the conscious lyrics shine. The singing on 13th Floor/Growing Old has got me in a headlock lately, just like Liberation from Aquemini. Most of the album has this slower feel to it, something serious to tell in murky water watchin ceiling fans go round. Outkast talks to ghosts and spirits.

  • music label: La Face / 1996
reviewed by the mgmnt