Qbert Superseal 3D LP

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I know all y'all have cut with Superseal before. But have you cut with Superseal...in 3D? No? Well now you can with the latest scratch innovation form the fertile mind of DJ Qbert. Strap on those 3D glasses cuz the sleeve is done with full 3D artwork, complete with 3D label art to bug your eyes out while you tear it up. But enough about the 3D gimmicks, in all seriousness Superseal was one of THE most useful, well balanced break records ever - a staple in the bag if you're a turntablist. This version features the same formula and layout but with new skipless scratch sentences and a sick new scratch beat to rip to.

  • music label: Thud Rumble 2009
reviewed by snackmaster 10/2009