Red I Should Tell Ya Momma On You (Dam-Funk) 7"

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TyG of HVW8 captured some raw footage of this homeless man beatboxing behind his studio and posted it online. Over 350K views later, the beatboxer has become a mini-phenomenon. It quickly caught the interest of the Stones Throw crew, and TyG put together this joint release with the label. As for the music, it's "equal parts G-funk, California Soul and Hobo Street; the song features full musical accompaniment created only by Red." As Stones Throw puts it: "In this era of T-Pain and excess studio production, the video showcased an almost forgotten musical form with no auto-tune or talk-box, only the beating of his chest and the hum of his throat as a bass kick and snare, and highlighted by signature vocals and original rhymes." If that wasn't enough, Dam Funk (who else?) comes in for the b-side remix. Highly recommended.

  • music label: Stones Throw / HVW8 2009
reviewed by the mgmnt