Runaway The Poltergeist / Don't Block The Box 12"

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Debut release from Runaway's new On The Prowl label. The NY duo of Jaques Renault and Marcos Cabral has had releases on every hip label from DFA, Rekids, I'm A Cliche, Chinatown, etc. (even a forthcoming remix on Money Studies), and now they have their on label to do whatever they want on... And apparently what they want to do is wreck the dance floor with deep and minimal house grooves that nod to the old school while looking forward. Take "Poltergeist" with it's dark, acidic bass bloops and seemingly random vocal chops that get taken deeper with old school key stabs. "Don't Block The Box" goes even deeper, with hypnotic layers of synth pads and percussion topped off with dubbed out jungle sounds (Puma growls anyone?) to set your mind adrift while your body takes control. 

  • music label: On The Prowl / 2009
reviewed by snackmaster 08/2009