Secret Circuit Nebula Sphynx / Parascopic Rope 12"

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12" Vinyl $12.00
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Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space drops the debut 12" from Secret Circuit aka Eddie Ruscha (Laughing Light of Plenty & Food of the Gods). The release is replete with the classic drum machine and synth sounds that seem to be synonymous with quality dance music these days. The arpeggio on "Nebula Sphynx" has a near Yellow Magic Orchestra feeling about it and provides adequate stomping ground for the pounding drum programming employed by Secret Circuit. Things take on a more warehouse-y vibe on "Parascopic Rope," but the rhythms are just as effective. This is one 12" that is guaranteed to be getting a lot of play once the night people come out.

  • music label: Beats In Space
reviewed by The Voice 02/2012