The Extras / The Exodus Haven't Been Funked Enough / Together Forever 12"

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Yeah buddy! Gotta love these classic NY disco bootlegs. Without 'em, many of these tracks would just be too out of reach on vinyl due to rarity and price. This one features the Exodus classic "Together Forever," a scorching disco banger with great vocals to boot. The track starts off with an extended acapella part then breaks into the main groove with that infectious piano-riff and killer bassline. Check reggae vocalist Tinga Stewart just wailing on this track... scatting and all! This was Exodus' only release (originals are scarce) and was heavily sampled in later house productions. Flipside features The Extras' rare disco-not-disco jammer "Haven't Been Funked Enough." Get with it.

  • music label: Coko
reviewed by snackmaster 08/2009