Theo Parrish Sound Signature Vol. 2 CD

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Theo Parrish returns with the second volume of works from his Sound Signature imprint. These CD's are a godsend for anyone who missed out on past Sound Signature 12"s or CD and digital DJ's who could never get them in the first place. Sound Signature Sounds Vol. 2 is chock full of prime Detroit grooves that bump with a big aura of raw electronic soul. Check the heavy beat down vibe on "I Can Take It" featuring Dwele, the blown out keys and kicks of "Dirt Rhodes," the Guru-sampling "Didn't Pay Dues," the super compressed drums on "Rain For Jimmy" or the sleeper cut "Capritatious" that quietly sold out years ago here at the Lab. If the last CD we got from Theo came and went with the quickness (which was to be expected since it contained all of Theo's sought-after Ugly Edit series), and you can expect this to do the same. Recommended.

  • music label: Sound Signature 2012
reviewed by TKB 06/2012