Tugboat Edits TVLKING HEVDITS 12"

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12" Vinyl $12.00
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Talking heaters repressed! Tugboat drops a heavy duty EP of Talking Heads edits right on top of us. Late Nite Tuff Guy has been tearing things up lately and his take on "Burning Down The House" is no exception. The chop master from down under slaps a hefty dose of 303 on the Heads' anthem along with bumping up the rhythm to create a slow burner of a part jam. For those of you looking for something a little more up tempo, tune into JKriv's edit of "Girlfriend Is Better." It's sliced and diced, looped to perfection by the Deep & Disco Recordings head honcho. Closing out the affair is Tugboater numero uno Tim Zawada with a skillfully boogiefied version of "Pull Up The Roots." Even one of these on its own would make the record worth the coin. All three together make it a steal.

  • music label: Tugboat Edits 2013 / 2016
reviewed by Joey Coco 06/2013